LGBTQ Foundation invites public to kick off Pride Month in June

According to USA Today, “Pride Month spans the month of June each year, this year beginning on Thursday, June 1 and ending on Friday, June 30.” The celebrations include “parades, festivals, parties, and picnics.”  Locally, the Cayman LGBTQ Foundation will celebrate the start of pride month with the third annual raising of the rainbow flag on Saturday, June 3, at the Public Beach at 5 pm.

As to what raising the rainbow flag means, the British Museum shared the following:

Originally it was eight colours strong – pink and turquoise were dropped to make mass production easier – and each colour means something.

Pink, now gone, meant sexuality.

Red means life, orange means healing, yellow means sunlight.

Green represents nature, turquoise art, blue harmony, and violet means spirit.

With this mix of colours in a harmonious and natural form, it also signifies the togetherness of the LGBT community. It has been at every single Gay Pride march ever since, and has recently been projected onto some of the most famous buildings in the world.

Regarding the projection of the Pride colours on buildings, it is expected that some businesses in Cayman will display the colours to acknowledge the celebration of Pride Month.

For those who would like to “celebrate love, acceptance, individuality, equality, inclusion, and diversity,” the Cayman LGBTQ Foundation noted that the event is free for all to attend.

Pride event supporters shown here from a previous year (source: The Cayman LGBTQ Foundation)

Pride event supporters shown here from a previous year (source: The Cayman LGBTQ Foundation)

Anyone seeking further information may visit the website of the Cayman LGBTQ Foundation at

The Cayman LGBTQ Foundation is also expected to hold other events during the year, including the Cayman Pride Parade in August 2023 and the Pride Rainbow Walk in July 2023.

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