Real Cayman News was founded by General Manager John Fleming, in December 2020, launching exclusively on Social Media. On the 26th of January 2021, The Real Cayman News website was born. We have a commitment to providing news and other content, free of charge.

Real Cayman News has grown, to a small team of 3, lead by General Manager John Fleming. Real Cayman News is solely owned by John Michael Kerford, who shares our commitment to journalism.

Our success is proven, getting currently 10000+ viewers a month, with 1000+ followers on social media. We continue to grow and set new records daily. We encourage you to keep an eye out, for Caymans hottest 24-hour media house.

Real Cayman News Team:

John-Michael Kerford
Owner/CEO, Real Cayman News

John Fleming
General Manager, Real Cayman News.

+1 (345) 925-5511


Johnnie Lund
Journalist, Real Cayman News

+1 (345) 916-9918