Real Cayman News was founded by John Fleming, in December 2020. Real Cayman News started out on Social Media, using Instagram and Facebook. We knew that in order to be taken seriously, we had to build a competitive website. Our website was created in February 2021.

Our founder John Fleming was the main editor and content creator, whilst Johnnie Lund contributed to some feature stories. The pair successfully covered the 2021 election, attending political rallies, interviewing politicians, and hosting a 6-hour-long live stream, analysing the results.

After the election, we finally received a government press pass, and are accredited media in the Cayman Islands.

John Fleming now runs our Sales and Marketing, but occasionally writes if needed. Johnnie Lund is our Social Media Editor, also writing when needed. Davide Battaglia is our freelance news writer, who writes most of the content on our website.