RCN Team

John Fleming

General Manager, Head of Sales and Marketing

John Fleming is the founder and General Manager of Real Cayman News. He started Real Cayman News in December 2020 and covered the Skylar Mack trial and the 2021 Election. He used to contribute regularly to the Daily Caller and is an independent Marketer.

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Davide Battaglia

Freelance News Editor

Davide Battaglia is an Italian and British journalist and writer. He moved to Rome at the age of 18 and began to take his first steps in writing, working for a local newspaper and carrying out his personal projects. After completing an internship at one of the major newspapers in London, he settled in the UK for over a decade. Later, life took him to Singapore and, for a short period, to Sydney, where he composed and published his first novel “Somewhere I Belong” in 2021. He is now resident in the Cayman Islands, whilst running his online newspaper, working as a journalist and a web content writer.”

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Johnnie Lund

Social Media Editor

Johnnie Lund is the Social Media Editor at Real Cayman News. Johnnie creates our Social Media posts and occasionally writes news stories for Real Cayman News.

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